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Zip Chain Lifter

Tsubaki's innovative lifter "Zip Chain Lifter" achieves 3 to 10 times faster speed than hydraulic lifter. Zip Chain Lifter utilizes our unique chain "Zip Chain" which is composed of two chains and each of the two chains is engaged to form a single column like a zipper. This mechanism allows for directly transmitting lift thrust.


  1. High Speed Lifting
  2. High Frequency Operation
  3. High Durability
  4. High Accurate Stop at Multiple Positioning
  5. Clean
  6. Energy Saving


  • Automotive Industry such as Engine Shop, Welding Shop, Painting Shop, Assembly Shop and Sub Line (Parts Supply Line)
  • Concert Performance Stage
  • Electronics Industry
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Others


Application Example

Replacing a sloped belt conveyor


Transported items can "slip off" a sloped belt conveyor.
Zip Chain Lifter can secure transported items.

Lifting Lifting Weight 100 kg
Lift Speed 50 m/min
  • 900 mm
  • 7 sec/cycle
  • Motor Servo Motor

    Installed on an Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)


    Zip Chain Lifter can be installed on an AGV with small footprint.
    It eliminates the need to mount a hydraulic tank.

    Lifting Lifting Weight 300 kg
    Lift Speed 25 m/min
  • 1250 mm
  • 50 sec/cycle
  • Motor DC Battery
    Power Supply

    Lateral Pushing and Lifting


    Zip Chain Lifter is used to laterally push a dolly and supply work pieces. With no projection at the end, this compact equipment does not need any pits.

    Lateral pushing Lateral pushing
    200 kg
    Speed 12 m/min
    Stroke 1,700 mm
    Lifting Thrust 400 kg
    Speed 12 m/min
    Stroke 800 mm


    Please contact us for your query and request additional information. We will offer customized systems based on your application.

    For more detailed information about the Zip Chain Lifter