Serving Singapore
and the Indian Ocean Rim markets!

Tsubaki is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of industrial use power transmission components and equipment.

Our main products are industrial drive chains, attachment chains and large size conveyor chains. Related products such as cam clutches, sprockets, shaft couplings, safety devices, toothed belts & pulleys complement the program.

Differentiating quality, technology development and production systems.

Rather than just simply pursuing cost reductions we believe it is a primary goal for Tsubaki to differentiate in all business aspects.

By forward thinking investment, a fine example being the construction of probably the world’s largest state of the art roller chain manufacturing plant ever by Tsubaki.

Local Assembly Services

Fast delivery and directly within 24 hours from ready stock!

Assembled to your desired length for both chains and cable carriers. Various sizes available, please find out more!

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Our distributors can be found throughout the ASEAN region. Find a distributor close to your location.