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Tsubaki And Safety

Creating a Comfortable, Safe, and Pleasant Workplace

The Tsubaki Group's corporate philosophy--the "Tsubaki Spirit"--lists prioritizing safety and quality in all aspects as an action principle. We are therefore working to prevent occupational accidents and help employees stay healthy. In February 2009, we established the Tsubaki Group Safety Committee as well as formulated our "Basic Principles of Safety" in order to heighten the Group's overall occupational safety and health level.

Basic Principles of Safety

Out of respect for each individual human, the Tsubaki Group endeavors to create a workplace where people can work safely and comfortably as well as to promote all employees' health. We believe that all employees working safely and healthily on a daily basis leads to rich lives and the wholesome development of society.

Occupational Safety and Health Initiatives: Safety is Our Highest Priority

In FYE 2019, the Tsubaki Group set "Preventing Serious Accidents" as its most important issue and established various activities to achieve that goal, including increased safety patrols at Group companies and assigning external instructors to provide on-site guidance.

Tsubakimoto Singapore Pte Ltd is certified bizSAFE level 3 since 2017 and we continue to ensure workplace safety for all employees and visitors in our premisses.