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Plastic Roller Chain for EFB Conveyor of Palm Oil Mill

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Plastic Roller Chain for Palm Oil Mill

Other Rollers TSUBAKI Plastic Roller
Fiber Stuck

At EFB conveyor, severe problem of fruit fibre stuck in roller chain. Tsubaki plastic roller can minimize fruit fibre stuck in roller chain.
Other Roller Tsubaki Plastic Roller

Fruit fibre stuck in roller chain causes improper rotation. Tsubaki plastic roller ensures smooth and consistent rotation.
Other Roller Tsubaki Plastic Roller

Improper rotation causes irregular wear to roller. Tsubaki plastic roller offers higher durability and less wear and tear.
Other Roller Tsubaki Plastic Roller
Life Time

Extensive wear and tear shortens lifetime of roller and frequent replacement is necessary. Tsubaki plastic roller lasts for longer lifetime.
Other Roller Tsubaki Plastic Roller

With over 90 years of chain manufacturing experience, Tsubaki is able to combine the better features of steel and plastic into one value-packed chain for less running cost.

Tsubaki's advanced manufacturing technology and use of select materials of only the higher quality, assures consistence performance and strict adherence to our stated specifications. Uses engineering plastic rollers which can be operated without additional lubrication between bushes and rollers. see more

Plastic Roller Chain

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Advantages of Tsubaki Plastic Roller

35% lighter than steel roller chain

Less operating energy consumption and durable

Smaller roller rotating friction coefficient in dry conditions

Available sizes RF 90R-P, RF 94R-P, RF 604R-P, RF 706SP-R-P

Part No. with 'P' represent Plastic Roller

Roller measurement

Other Available Steel Roller Chains

Extended Pin Chain Extended Pin Chain
Attachment Chains Attachment Chain
Hollow Pin Chain Hollow Pin Chain

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Other Recommended Products for Palm Oil Mill

Power Cylinder

Since almost 50 years ago, Tsubaki Power Cylinders have been used across a variety of industries by a wide range of customers.

Power cylinders

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Power Cylinders can be used at the following places of a Palm Oil Mill.

Advantages of Tsubaki Power Cylinder

Easy Installation Easy Installation
Just a simple electrical wiring without pump, piping and hassle-free accessories.

Automation Auto-Control
Automation Mill System. With electric power source, both single and multiple control is possible.

Ecological Clean Operation
Ecological friendly
Without oil leak and less CO2 emission.

maintenance Easy maintenance
Long lasting
Reduce maintenance time and cost.

energy Save energy
Power cylinder motor : 0.55kW
Save up to more than 90% of energy consumption.

Save Costs
With all the above advantages, it will save both initial and running cost.

System Comparison

Hydraulic Cylinder Power Cylinder
System Cost 1 0.7
Electricity Consumption 1 0.1
CO2 Emission 1 0.25
* Thrust Load: 9.8kN, Stroke: 1,000mm, Speed: 50mm/s

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