Shock Guard

Tsubaki Shock Guard

No-backlash, high performance overload protectors, 4 different series using cams or balls and with torque precision ranging from within + 3% to + 10%. Select the best unit for your application

Product Details

Standard models
N · m {kgf · m}
1.5 {0.15} to 1080 {110} 40 models

The name Torque Guard was changed to Shock Guard on June 1, 2014.

As a safety device, the Shock Guard will be most effective if it is installed in the place nearest to where overload is thought to most likely occur on the driven machine. For most situations, avoid using the Shock Guard with human transportation or lifting devices. If you decide to use a Shock Guard with these devices, take the necessary precautions to avoid serious injury or death from falling objects.


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