Power Column®

Tsubaki Power Column

The Tsubaki Power Column is a vertical rack system designed to store articles automatically at high speed while making effective used of celling space. This versatile system can be used to store goods in distribution centers, or mechanical components and running stock in various types of plants. The size of this system can be altered to suit the goods it handles or its installation location, enabling high storage performance.

Tsubaki Power Column
Width of machine/ column Width of column Size of tray (mm) Maximum stored work size (mm) Rack pitch- adjustment Minimum pitch of rack
1,695mm 2,820mm 1370×867×55mm (L×W×H) 1300×840×775mm (L×W×H) 25mm 100mm

Primary power supply AC200/220V, three phase, 50/60Hz, 5.5kVA/column (supplied with 4 m power cable code WF6430 with plug manufactured by Matsushita)
Body coating color Light Gray
Allowable loading capacity 300kg/tray (evenly weighted), 20,000kg/column, 12,000kg/front line, 12,000kg/back line
Rack pitch-adjustment 25mm (adjustable from 100 to 800mm)