Mail Sort

Tsubaki Mail Sort

The Tsubaki Mail Sort is a machine specially designed to sort standard and nonstandard-sized mail. Until now, it has been necessary to sort mail in three steps, from large, to medium, to small items. However, the Tsubaki Mail Sort system dispenses with the extra steps, sorting all sizes in just one step.

This system is ideal for

Sorting capacity 16,000 pcs/hour max
Applicable products Max. 400 × 300 × 30 mm (L × W × H) Weight : 1.3kg
Min. 140 × 90 × 1 mm (L × W × H) Weight : 0.01kg
Postal materials, mail, fliers, pamphlets, etc.
Feeding method Manual or automatic casting
Drive Induction Motor
Power supply AC 200/220V, 50/60Hz