Free Curve Series

Tsubaki guarantees a wide-range of materials handling; from under 15kg to a maximum 500kg. This Free Curve was classified into categories such as Normal type and heat resistance type which could be adopted to all objects and purpose. Many customers have adopted our Free Curve system for general purpose, painting, food, drug, consumer electronics, etc.

TH Free Curve

Tsubaki Free Curve

Loading capacity is between 15kg and 120kg, the model for use with midrange weight. Available as an general purpose option for selection.

THC Free Curve Discovery

Tsubaki Free Curve

A clean type model which adopt a "U" type track. This model fits to a line which needs to avoid dust and/or oil dropping such as high quality painting and resin  painting. This model is also suitable for use with mid-range weight.

TR Free Curve

Tsubaki Free Curve

TR Free Curve The loading capacity is between 60kg and 500kg, the recommended model for use with heavy weight. You can build the best conveyor system without waste which matches the duty and capacity by making a suitable combination of hangers (pendant, crevice and load bar hangers).