Autran Vanguard®

Tsubaki Power Locks

The Tsubaki Autran Vanguard is a monorail type automatic conveyor system that makes effective use of ceiling spaces. This fast-running system features a variety of layouts depending on the article, including a hanging design, which results in a compact layout for the whole system.

This system is ideal for

Conveyance line between assembling processes

Parts feeding line during manufacturing

Raw material feeding line at food plants

Subsidiary material/products conveyance lines

VGN030 VGN050 VGN070
Standard loading capacity (kg) 35 55 75
Running speed (m/min) 220 220 100
Elevating stroke (m) 4 4 4
Elevating speed (m/min) 70 50 30
Horizontal curve (mm) R1,000
Power supply AC200/220 V, 50/60Hz