Expansion Chain for Palm Oil Mills

As technology improves, mills of all kinds are becoming more efficient and thus requiring less operating staff. This is also a trend for the palm oil industry, where FFB conveyors, Continuous Cooker conveyors and SFB conveyors are crucial for the process of palm oil production. These conveyors must provide optimal operation, and thanks to the following reasons, Tsubaki RF706SP-R is the solution for dependable operation with minimal maintenance.

Stronger Bush

Bush performance has been increased 30% compared to competitor's chains.

Tougher Link Plates

Precise alloy steel fabrication and expertly-controlled heat treatment ensures greater shock load during severe operation.

Stronger Pin

Competitors riveted pins have soft portions around the riveted head due to decarburization, effectively reducing the strength of the entire chain, Tsubaki cotter pins have stable surface hardness from the head to the tail end.

Easy Maintenance

Cutting and joining chain is easier, especially when removing just a few links and rejoining when chain is stretched over. Grinders are always required for riveted chain. Furthermore, the T-head cotter keys are located inward of the conveyor, making it even easier to install the chain. The T-head cotter keys are optimally designed so that they face the horizontal chain pitch line, lowering the chances of them interfering with guides and casings.

Options Available For Heavy Duty & Corrosive Application

Long distance incline conveyors usually have sloppy rollers. Tsubaki RF706SP-R-D, which is a Durable type model, can increase chain life with its specially designed bush and roller. In corrosive conditions, such as Sterilized Fruit Bunch conveyors, we recommend Tsubaki RF706SP-R-ST that has specially designed corrosion resistant bushes.


Using non-brand chain

The roller is sloppy and worn (See red broken line for the original roller)

Tsubaki RF706SP-R-D Longer wear life of the roller

– 2010 June 23