Dependable Technology by Tsubaki for India's Auto Industry

Double plus chain heavy duty series

Recently the automobile industry in India has been requiring free flow chain with increasingly higher strength. To meet this demand Tsubaki introduced Double Plus Chain with a steel center roller. This has become a successful product in this field of business.

There are several new chain manufactures also competing for this business. At one of the car manufacturers a new chain supplier took over and provided different chain. We were told that the competitor's chain was less expensive than Tsubaki chain.

Soon thereafter the Tsubaki sales engineer had a chance to visit that customer, and was given a chance to look at the competitor's chain. After investigating the competitor's chain our sales engineer reviewed the advantages of Tsubaki chain with the customer and told them to keep Tsubaki in mind.

After only a month, the customer rang Tsubaki and asked, "Can you supply your chain again?"

What was the key for Tsubaki's success in this application?

Tsubaki Bushing Technology

Tsubaki's integral bushing has a stop-turning edge. The competitor's bushing consisted of two pieces, and was split in the middle.

Tsubaki Double Plus Chain Bushing
Tsubaki's Double Plus Chain bushing

How does it work?

Tsubaki's integral bushing can share the chain tension, while that of our competitors' could not because of the split in the middle of their bushing. The result was that Tsubaki chain has longer life than that of competitors.

– 2009 July 10