RS-HT Series Roller Chain

The outer and inner plates are one size thicker than RS Roller Chain.

RS-HT Roller Chain

The chain has 19% greater tensile strength than RS Roller Chain, and so is ideal for applications requiring high tensile strength and low elastic elongation.

The December 2016 upgrade gives RS-HT Chain twice the wear life and the option of a slip fit connecting link.

Features / Applications

High kW ratings, tensile strength, shock absorption

High tensile strength, ideal for lower frequency lifting applications, and low speed drives up to 50m/min. Recommend for usage of metalworking machinery, forestry, construction machinery etc.


Reference Number System

RS 80 - HT - 1 - M
(1) (2) (3)
  1. Applicable size: 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 200, 240
  2. No. of strands
  3. Blank: F-type press fit connecting link, M: M-type slip fit connecting link
Model numbers for ordering connecting links (JL) RS80-HT-1-JL Slip fit
Model numbers for ordering connecting links (MJL) RS80-HT-1-MJL Press fit

Offset links are not available for Super (Heavy Duty) Roller Chain.


*Select the model number for detailed information.

Chain Model No.
1 strand 2 strands 3 strands
RS60-HT-1 (-M) RS60-HT-2 (-M) RS60-HT-3 (-M)
RS80-HT-1 (-M) RRS80-HT-2 (-M) RS80-HT-3 (-M)
RS100-HT-1 (-M) RRS100-HT-2 (-M) RS100-HT-3 (-M)
RS120-HT-1 (-M) RRS120-HT-2 (-M) RS120-HT-3 (-M)
RS140-HT-1 (-M) RRS140-HT-2 (-M) RS140-HT-3 (-M)
RS160-HT-1 (-M) RRS160-HT-2 (-M) RS160-HT-3 (-M)
RS200-HT-1 (-M) RRS200-HT-2 (-M) RS200-HT-3 (-M)
RS240-HT-1 (-M) RRS240-HT-2 (-M) RS240-HT-3 (-M)